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15 October 2011 @ 09:58 pm
Today's October 15, guess what that means? :D

If you haven't submitted your fic to drrrbigbang@gmail.com with the proper format yet, you have until tomorrow midnight to do it! (If you're unsure of the format, please check this post!)

Posting will begin as soon as minamoto and I work out the schedule. :)
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25 September 2011 @ 09:32 pm
Hi guys, the time has steadily crept up upon us, and tonight was the deadline. I use the past tense because we've been getting a lot of PMs asking for extensions or pulling out - both of which are perfectly fine since we still got them before the deadline.

So here's the new deal. We've pushed back the deadline until October 16, which is also a Sunday. The same rules apply: e-mail your properly formatted fic to us at drrrbigbang@gmail.com by midnight EST. And by properly formatted, we mean with HTML and line breaks appropriate for being posted on LJ. No rich text stuff.

New(!) addition to your submission: fic header. This should include the title, genre, rating, pairings/characters (please choose one or the other depending on how heavy of an emphasis you place on relationships), summary, and/or extra notes you think the readers will need in advance to understand your fic.

Expect to hear from us again as the deadline approaches (again)! In the meantime, if you still have questions, concerns, etc., you can PM either minamoto or I (strawberrykaoru); or if you prefer, to the e-mail. If you do decide to contact us by PMs, however, please make sure you have corrected your settings so we can reply back via the PM system!

Much luck in these last three weeks!
20 September 2011 @ 11:04 am
Final drafts are due in 5 days!

If you need an extension, now is the time to ask for it - I'm more than willing to give them if you need one, so please just let us know! A PM to me, minamoto is the best way to ask. Otherwise, final drafts are due September 25th @ midnight EST!

If you did not check-in with us at the July check-in date, but are still participating, a quick email to drrrbigbang@gmail.com would be highly appreciated so that we know you're still in! (If you're not sure whether or not you checked in or not, head over to the participants list.)

I look forward to seeing your submissions! (:
11 September 2011 @ 07:18 pm
Just a reminder that:


Please email your final drafts to drrrbigbang@gmail.com! Make sure your final draft includes all HTML and line breaks, we won't format it for you. Drafts are due 25.09.11 @ midnight EST!

If you think you need an extension or you need to pull out for any reason, this is the time to contact us! Just send me a PM and I'll answer it as soon as possible.

Thanks guys! I really look forward to seeing what y'all have written ♥
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31 July 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Due to the small number of volunteers as well as people who need a beta, this will be settled between members.

Just a friendly reminder that final drafts are due in a little under two months - September 25! Should any emergency crop up between now and then, please don't hesitate to tell us. Happy writing!
22 July 2011 @ 11:34 pm
beta recruitment
July 22 - July 31

We have a preliminary idea of how many betas we will have based on the old and updated participants lists, but we will need to have a definite number by this time.

As a beta, you will be responsible for the standard expectations of any piece of writing: spelling, grammar, and tenses. Beyond these basics, you will be asked to examine the characterization (not to be confused with character development) and consider the general flow of the story without altering the author's original intent too much. As with any long piece of writing, it is possible the writer has slipped somewhere and created plotholes, and it is also your job as a beta to fix these. We ask that as a beta, you will be as critical as possible; being considerate is nice, but not in cases of glaring issues.

If you are interested, please reply to this post with: (you're welcome to add in any other specifications you may have)

Please note that if you do volunteer, you are then committed to the beta process until the period between the submission deadline and the posting start date (September 25 to October 1). If there is even a slightest chance that you might not be able to accomplish this, then please do not volunteer. Think about your decision carefully!

For those who NEED betas from the community: please email drrrbigbang@gmail.com ASAP with a request, with the subject title something along the lines of "beta needed" and basic specs (i.e. genre, characters/pairings, summary) of your fic, regardless of whether or not it's nearing its ending phase. THE DEADLINE FOR THIS IS JULY 27. If you do not feel comfortable sharing your fic at this stage (or have missed the aforementioned deadline), you are more than welcome to find another beta from your moral support team or elsewhere before your fic is revealed.

Comments are screened on this post. Further instructions of who will beta whose fic will come later, so please remember to either watch the community or follow us on Twitter.
08 July 2011 @ 09:51 pm
The extension deadline has now passed. As stated before, anything submitted after this post will not be accepted. It is not our responsibility to come after you for something you volunteered.

updated participants listCollapse )

Thank you for your continued interest in the project! Please keep an eye out for a post regarding betas that is to come in the next three weeks.
02 July 2011 @ 12:40 am
For those of you who still have not checked-in with us, we have decided to stretch the deadline by a week. If we still do not hear from you by July 8, midnight GMT, then we will take it that you have dropped out. Anything submitted to us after that deadline will not be tolerated since we even had check-ins set up in advance.

If you are unsure whether your email or confirmation at the check-in reminder post has reached us, please check the participants list to make sure your name has been checked off. If we have missed your name in the process, please either drop a comment here or at the participants list post.

Some of you have been inquiring about betas. There will be more information on that later, so please keep an eye on updates here on LJ or over at Twitter!

Also, please remember that anything you send privately to minamoto during the period of her absence will not be made accessible to me. To ensure that your questions get answered, either PM me or leave it at the FAQ post.

That's all! Good luck everyone!
29 June 2011 @ 10:31 pm
anonymous discussion post
for all your insecurities, worries, etc.

By now, you all should have some sort of idea about how your story is shaping up, or little bits and pieces that are waiting to be connected. As this is the period where you'll be getting the bulk of your writing done after the initial brainstorm, if you're unsure about some things (e.g., characterization), this is the post for you to ask questions* and get them from fellow participants.

Please be sure to keep it anonymous and as spoiler-free as possible! We don't want to ruin any surprises our writers have in store for us come October. :)

*Questions about the technicality of the bigbang itself should still be asked at the FAQ or directly PM'd to a mod.

Side PSA: check-ins are due July 1; there will be another announcement then.
27 June 2011 @ 06:08 pm
Check-ins are in 4 days!
(but you can email us now to save us from bothering you later :D)

What to do when July 1st comes around: send an email, with your username in the subject line, to drrrbigbang@gmail.com along with just a confirmation that you're still in and a draft of your fic if possible. I don't want to have to hound anyone, so please get these in promptly!

Also! I'm leaving on the third for a summer camp with no internet access, so in the meantime please contact strawberrykaoru if you have any questions! I'm scheduled to get back on August 12th, so hopefully I'll see you all then!